Automist Smartscan

Automist Smartscan installations by Mainpoint.

The smarter, modern, fire sprinkler system.


automist smartscan fire safety

Automist® Smartscan is more than a safety device for suppressing fires – it’s a modern design feature for open plan living. An evolution of the James Dyson award-winning Automist®, the discreet wall-mounted device enables homeowners and architects to design beautifully light and open spaces, while meeting the challenging requirements of building regulations.

fire extinguishing



Automist® Smartscan has a rotating head that directly targets fires with a powerful jet of water mist. It has been proven to achieve the same fire performance as residential sprinkler systems, and typically uses 90% less water minimising consequential water damage to the living space.


fire safety overview

Direct targeting
Automist® Smartscan suppresses fires more efficiently by targeting the origin of the fire directly.
Meets the highest performance standards
Automist® Smartscan has met the fire performance standards outlined in BS 9252 and BS 8458.
Minimising damage
Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist® Smartscan can be easily stopped once the fire is extinguished, minimising potential water damage.
Robust activation
Automist® Smartscan is triggered by reliable heat detectors and therefore is not prone to false activations like a smoke alarm.
Less disruption
The average retrofit and installation process takes just a few hours with minimal impact to the building or disruption to daily lives.
Low maintenance
The annual maintenance is quick and simple,taking just a few minutes.
Low water usage
Automist® Smartscan typically uses 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems, minimising consequential water damage.

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