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Fire safety training in Oxfordshire by MainPoint- award winning company, business experts, training, courses, risk assessments.

Fire safety company training

It is a legal requirement for companies to undertake regular fire safety training for it’s staff.


Fire Safety training is a valued service which Mainpoint undertakes for a growing number of businesses in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Oxfordshire and Worcestershire.

It’s a service which is greatly valued- as this kind testimonial which we receievd last month from one such course which we ran:

“Once again we enjoyed having Mainpoint carry out our fire safety training, as we do year upon year. Whilst the content is thorough and ever relevant, it is always put over with an element of fun, making it easier to absorb!”

“I have always, and will continue to, highly recommend their training services.”

Paul Staite –Environment and Health & Safety Manager, Karndean Designflooring – June 2015.

So if you are an employer and you would like more information on our fire safety training courses, please click on the contact us link now to discuss how we can help you- or call Mike Fowler on 01242 584490.

Mainpoint Fire Protection use innovative solution for fire protection in old Oxford premises

Plumis – Automist was installed by Mainpoint Fire Protection as a key part of an alternative fire protection scheme which was required because the Mainpoint Fire Protection use innovative solution for fire protection in old Oxford premisesrefurbishment of a 1930’s factory into three buildings did not allow sufficient access for the fire brigade in the event of a fire. Building Regulations Fire Safety (Part B) Section 11, paragraph 2 states that: “There should be vehicle access for a pump appliance to within 45m within the dwelling house.” 103 St Marys Road in Oxford had been the boot repair department of Oxford Co-operative Society until it closed in the 1970’s. It remained derelict until SM Developments bought the building with a view to transforming it into 3 houses. The 2 dwellings furthest away from the entrance did not allow sufficient access to allow the fire brigade’s hoses to be extended therefore Oxford City Council Building Control officers stipulated the installation of a fire suppression system.


Steven Moss, the MD of the developer researched fire suppression on the internet and discovered Plumis Automist. He was pleased that Oxford City Council Building Control officers validated his choice by also recommending the innovative and highly cost effective product. He had no hesitation in contacting Mainpoint Fire Protection, the local Automist accredited installers who proposed installing 2 Automist pumps in both properties under the sink in the open plan kitchen/dining area and in an understairs cupboard. Automist uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles to suppress any fire. It is also extremely reliable because sensing is based on heat detection as recommended in Approved Document B, effectively eliminating nuisance alarms. It was installed with much less disruption and in a considerably shorter timeframe than fitting sprinklers. It also has the benefit of using under 6 litres of water per minute per head compared with 65 litres per head used by sprinklers which protects the fabric and furnishings of the property in the event of a discharge and unlike smoke alarms Automist not only alerts residents to the fire but also suppresses it.

Automist is ideal for use in similar refurbishments where access for the fire brigade is restricted.

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