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Fire Safety - Open PlanOpen plan fire safety protection Automist Plumis installations by Mainpoint


There’s no denying that homeowners appreciate the freedom, light, and sense of space that go with open plan layouts. Yet many open plan projects stumble or are halted because the layout would create dangerous inner rooms whose only escape route passes through the open area. So how can you provide open layouts with a safe fire escape route from these inner rooms?

Plumis Automist is a discreet fire suppression appliance designed for use in homes. The system activates when fire temperatures are detected, using a fine water mist to restore survivable conditions while occupants escape. The product includes nozzles that mount on a standard wall plate which can be matched to light switches and sockets in the home, and a small pump that can be located in a nearby cupboard. The result is almost invisible.

A minimal Automist system can serve up to 32m2 of floor area, and the system is easily extensible up to 96m2. For kitchen/diners, alternative nozzle mounts are available for use in conjunction with worktops and taps, allowing an excellent match to the design.

For three-storey houses with an open plan ground floor (four-storey if one is a basement), Automist eliminates the need for a boxed-in staircase as long as the kitchen is separate and a suitable fire door can be installed at first floor level. Such a layout can add considerable value to a loft converted house and does not need special attention or effort at the building control stage thanks to Automist’s LABC Registered Detail. More expansive open layouts may also be possible where a fire engineer or specialist Approved Inspector is involved. In apartments, Automist can often allow bedrooms that sit off a central living area, and, when refitting taller houses, it can sometimes even avoid the need to add a whole new staircase.


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